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"Preparing Our Heart for the Holidays", with Tara Brach

I notice myself bracing before Christmas, and each year basically dreading the Holiday Season. Usually I'll try to stay busy teaching, complain to my husband about this and that, eat more chocolate that I usually do, and then feel very relieved when the season is over. Today I took the time to listen to this talk with Tara Brach, followed the guided meditation and journaled. It was powerful and transformative, giving me clues to understand myself and tools to prepare for when it comes (wait... it's already here!).

Take the time to listen to this. I enjoyed the warmth of a lovely and enigmatic cat called Lucy, who was following the meditation while resting on my lap this morning.

Lucy "Husky" Fernandez and I listening to the Talk

Watch the video "Preparing Our Hearts for the Holidays", with Tara Brach

This is the poem she recites during the talk, by Dorothy Hunt:

"Peace is this moment without judgment.

That is all. This moment in the Heart-space

where everything that is is welcome."

Read the full poem in Dorothy Hunt's Website

Listen to this Talk in Tara Brach's Website

The full poem: