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Thanking my teachers


I especially thank my teacher, Gary Kraftsow, my mentor Mary Hilliker, the American Viniyoga Institute Faculty, Chase Bossart, Leslie Kaminoff & Baxter Bell.

I thank all their teachers, and all teachers before them.


I deeply thank my first teachers in Mexico City, Federico & Cristina Enriquez, and my friend and colleague Virginia Filip, as well as my first teachers in the U.S.A., Sarahjoy Marsh & Liz Eisman.  

I thank all the students and clients I have encountered throughout the years. they are all inspiration to me, and I learn from them every day.

I thank my family, especially my two sons, who have been teachers to me even before they were born, and my mother, who has been my inspiration, and who was the first person I saw practicing yoga, when I was a child.

I thank my husband, who helps me very often to remember to take my work seriously, but not to take myself too seriously.

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