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Susana is a skillful and intuitive Viniyoga teacher and Yoga Therapist.  Susana’s yoga teaching is creative, inspired and effective.  She has demonstrated her skillfulness in working  with clients with a variety of conditions.  Her skill rests on the foundation of many years of personal practice and the study of yoga and Yoga Therapy with her teacher, Gary Kraftsow.  She has integrated what she has learned and continues to grow and evolve in her work as a Yoga Therapist.  It’s an honor for me to see her work evolve as a mentor and colleague.

  - Mary Hilliker, RDN, E-RYT      500, C-IAYT, Certified      Viniyoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, Faculty, American Viniyoga Institute

I had a new stillness even when thoughts arose. A peace that is encouraging me to explore meditation.

- Catherine Tarsia

Workshop at Imagine Yoga Studio, Oregon, June 2019

I enjoyed learning about chakras with Susana. She did a wonderful job of creating a safe and welcoming space. I felt peaceful and relaxed after her workshop.

- Kal Giaritta

"Chakra Journey" workshop, June 2019

Susana embodies the essence of yoga with a warm, personal and knowledgeable teaching style. She brings poetry, reverence, humor and individual attention to each class as she shares the lessons of her own practice with us. Today yoga is truly a part of my life. I have improved strength, balance and awareness. I also feel a great deal of gratitude.

 - Georgia Cacy

Susana is a truly present, intuitive and thoughtful teacher.  I appreciate her deep knowledge, her attentiveness and humor and the ways these qualities translate into loving guidance and instruction. Her classes, linking breath, mantra, and chanting with asana leave me feeling integrated, aligned and attuned.

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  - Toni Goodman

I cannot speak highly enough of Susana. She's the teacher who made me love yoga. Her approach emphasizes the importance of breath as the foundation of all movements, the mobility of the spine and the development of awareness. At every opportunity she reminds us to be gentle with ourselves and to listen to our body. Last but not least, she reads us some poetry to draw us to the deeper teachings of yoga … After a year of practice, I can honestly say that the symptoms of my bulged disk have disappeared as well as the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder. I am so grateful for this amazing teacher.

  - Céline Mattersdorff

'SusanaPrana': As the name suggests, Susana breathes new life into every practice of yoga she offers. One can experience being in a state of mindfulness, in a state of consciousness along with a state of deep quietude while participating in her sessions. You can see how Susana honors Yoga not only for what it is, but for what it does, and that is to bring people closer to the self and to each other. She truly listens to each participant, old & new, guides them beautifully and patiently in spite of the physical distances and the virtual boundaries we now have, and she shares glimpses of beauty from the many worlds she connects to- of nature, of culture, of poetry and of adventure. Every time I attend the Yoga classes she offers on Zoom, it helps to calm and rejuvenate my mind & body. It's wonderful to 'feel' what just an hour of Yoga does for one's soul! Susana's perceptive presence, her gentle voice and teaching positively sustains that feeling."

- Monica Korde

Susana, Thank you so much for leading us in movement and meditation. You brought such a wave of calm to our group. We have a hard-working staff and your offering was such a gift for everyone. 

  - Ruth Lesher, March 2020

Just a note to say how transformative the Saturday workshop was for me.
I am left feeling both empty and full.  Empty as in open and filled, suffused, with peace.

-Brynna Hurwitz 
"The Power Of Presence", April 2024

Susana makes you feel safe, happy, and cared for when you enter the yoga studio.  Her series on Chakras are a lovely mix of illuminating explanations, chanting, physical poses, and meditation.  When you are done you have a deeper understanding and, even better, a more profound connection to the energy that flows within your body. A lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

- Laurene Mullen

"Cakra Journey" workshop, June 2019

Susana’s  ‘Authentic You’ workshop was soul searching, educational and heart warming! It was the perfect combination of yoga and life! I look forward to anytime I can experience the wisdom and internal beauty of Susana. Thank you Susana and Imagine Yoga for making this experience possible!

- Erin Piazza, June 2023

Susana is a wonderful yoga teacher because she is a warm, funny, and sensitive human. Her breath-centered classes are grounded in both yogic tradition and humor—in poetry and anecdotes sprinkled with humility and compassion. Susana has a deep understanding of anatomy and asana, which brings a healing focus to her sequences. She is a serious life-long student as well as teacher. This translates into loving guidance throughout her classes as she encourages us to allow our own breath and body to be our guide on and off the mat. I love starting my day with her.

  - Christine Linder

Susana is a rare gem that only comes along once in a blue moon. Her language is poetry infused with a symphony of love and humor. Every class brings me to a better place, more hopeful, brighter and more content. Susana is welcoming to the new student and mindful of each students particular needs. In her class one feels safe to grow, to laugh, and to heal. She is like no other teacher I've seen.

  - Shauna Flanigan

I was a newbie to yoga but Susana has made the experience so enjoyable I've been continuing to practice for over two years now. I am also not your average yoga student (aging & expanding 41-year old golf fanatic). She tailors classes to our specific needs. For me, it was a tight lower back & lack of flexibility. I now have zero lower back pains and am more flexible than I ever thought I could be. 

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  - Isaac Ropp

As a newcomer to yoga, the breathing and movements that Susana taught were new to me. At my pre-retreat session, Susana developed my own personalized 15-minute breathing and movement sequence.  About 6 days per week, I have done this sequence for the three months prior to attending the Mexico retreat, and now for about two months following the retreat.


An unexpected benefit, that first appeared after about 6 weeks of practice, well before attending the Mexico retreat, has been more efficient breathing especially during strenuous biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. As a person in my late 50’s, increasing lung capacity probably is not physiologically in the cards, but I have gotten something “back.”

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  - Mark Rutledge-Gorman

It's a pleasure to be guided in a yoga class by Susana, my friend since kindergarten, I have been learning a lot.

It was a wonderful moment when I saw her again in Guanajuato, it was as time had not passed by, the hug we gave each other was strong and full of affection.

Meeting wonderful people from the USA who come with Ron and Susana to Guanajuato has been fantastic.

- Montserrat Zenteno Cervantes

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