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Another poem by Morgan Harper Nichols

As you probably know I chose a poem to read in my yoga classes every week or every other week. Even if I do this, I stay open to what is really going on in the group. Last week one of the students mentioned a poem from the beautiful book "All Along You Were Blooming" by Morgan Harper Nichols, and she read it for us, so here it is:

There will be days when you do not feel


and you choose to get up

and go to sea anyway.

And my friend,

let me tell you,

this is what it means to be brave.

It is that gentle shove toward the water

that says "I will go,

and I will go afraid."

It is not a feeling.

It is not a thought.

It is that inward wind that pulls you out of sleep

and says "I will go forth,

with all I have now:

a breath, a dozen steps,

and a pocket full of fears,

but no matter what tries to pull me back,

I will find the strength to be here."

Stormy Half Moon Bay, California. August 2020

Visit Morgan Harper Nichols's Website , it has tons of material and you can purchase her books there!

poem morgan harper nichols
From "All Along You Were Blooming", by Morgan Harper Nichols, page 3

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This week I plan to read in class "When I Am Among The Trees", by the beloved Mary Oliver.

Read it clicking here

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May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free

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