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"Dive Into Yoga Lab", by Susana Laborde-Blaj

It is an incredible feeling for me, to be completely submerged in water.

Sometimes playing while I stay for a moment at the bottom of the pool, I stop exhaling so that there’s no more bubbles, and there’s a moment of silence and stillness, completely surrounded by water.

My next workshop in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is not about swimming, or diving, actually.

And yet, it is about the personalized exploration of the tools of traditional yoga, about practicing in order to go deeper, to “dive” into the experience of presence.

Being completely present, completely and absolutely “submerged”, at least for a few moments, in an experience that is precious, and what I hope will be at times nourishing, cleansing and centering.

It’s a bit of an adventure, since I have not used this format in other workshops.

I decided to do less time presenting the material, and more time hands on, experiencing, exploring, answering individual questions, or just listening to questions that arise, and may need no answer, exploring together according to the interests of each participant.

Life is too short, and there are so many questions, so much to learn, so much to discover.

Join me and explore the depths of your own experience. The answers will be within you, and you may need to dive deep to discover them, or you may prefer to let yourself float and rest on the marvelous support of the waters. Let’s see how it goes: immersing oneself in the adventure of being alive, consciously.

You have questions? Contact me!

Dive Into Yoga Lab Workshop
Photo by Leon Beltran Laborde. Special Thanks!

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