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Dive Into Yoga Lab
Weekend Intensive

Imagine Yoga Studio

425 2nd Street, Ste 120

Lake Oswego, Oregon


Dive Into Asana: Saturday 10/7, 11 am to 2 pm

Dive Into Pranayama: Saturday 10/7, 3 pm to 6 pm

Dive Into Meditation: Sunday 10/8, 11 am to 2 pm




3 Modules $150

2 Modules $115

1 Module $65



Saturday 10/7

11 am to 2 pm: Focus on Asana.

Some of the themes we will work on:

  • Optimizing breath in asana

  • Personalized Alignment

  • ‘Envelope Breath’ in asana

  • Exploration of various asanas with modifications & variations

  • How to prepare & compensate


Saturday 10/7 

3 pm to 6 pm: Focus on Pranayama 

Some of the themes we will work on:

  • Why practicing Pranayama?

  • Burning impurities in the system:  Prana, Apana, Mala & Agni

  • Ujjayi technique

  • Sitali & Sitkari techniques

  • ‘Directional Breath’

  • Overview of nostril control techniques (Anuloma Ujjayi, Viloma Ujjayi, Chandra Bhedana, Surya Bhedana, Pratiloma Ujjayi, Nadi Shodana Pranayama)



Sunday 10/8

11 am to 2 pm: Focus on Meditation

Some of the themes we will work on:

  • Practical strategies to change the mental state

  • Recognizing unhelpful patterns (samskaras) and establishing helpful patterns (samskaras) at all levels

  • Training attention: Dhyana

  • Deeper levels of consciousness: Dharana & Samadhi

  • Choosing the object of meditation

  • Declaration of purpose & commitment: The three steps of Sankalpa

  • Importance of Chanting: Introducing simple chanting to our daily lives

  • Importance of Ritual: Make it personal



You can come to 1, 2 or 3 sessions!

These 3 sessions are building blocks, so if you can, join the 3 sessions, it will give you a better understanding of this material.


Continuing Education: This workshop counts as 3, 6 or 9 contact Continuing Education Hours for teachers certified by Yoga Alliance.


Whether you are a yoga teacher, a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, join Susana in this experiential and interactive intensive, and dive into your yoga!

Susana Laborde-Blaj C-IAYT
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