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I was a newbie to yoga but Susana has made the experience so enjoyable I've been continuing to practice for over two years now. I am also not your average yoga student (aging & expanding 41-year old golf fanatic). She tailors classes to our specific needs. For me, it was a tight lower back & lack of flexibility. I now have zero lower back pains and am more flexible than I ever thought I could be. She also explains the roots of many of the poses. She provides a good balance of both strength & flexibility in each class. And perhaps most importantly, she helps keep a healthy perspective with a great sense of humor. I have found that all of these things matter greatly when comparing the overall experiences provided by various instructors. I may have a "dad bod" but it feels better than ever thanks to Susana and her continued commitment to meaningful practices each and every day. Thanks, Susana!


- Isaac Ropp​

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