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"Creating a Heart Space", by Toni Goodman

It is such an honor to have received this gift from Toni Goodman. She wrote it for me when I moved from Oregon to California, almost 4 years ago. We didn't know that I would still be teaching at Imagine Yoga Studio twice a week through Zoom, and that I would be travelling there to teach workshops quite often.

And so many more unpredictable things have happened, which makes me think about another poem: "Optimism", by Jane Hirshfield, which Toni shared with us longtime ago in her 'Poetry Circle'.

Thank you, Toni! It goes right into my heart and stays there - here.

Creating a Heart Space

For Susana

“I dwell in Possibility” - Emily Dickinson

To see the world from our hearts

is to dwell in the realm

of possibility; To stand fully

aligned with spirit,

To trust in life’s unfolding.

To sense with attention-the body,

The resonant percussion of breath

Smooth and soft, long and deep

Oceanic ebb and flow.

To ride its current,

plumb its depths,

feel its shape and subtle textures,

Taking in. Letting go.

Sitting with.

To hold a conscious space

for deep connection

and to return gently when

energy shifts, thoughts wander –

or we don’t feel it.

To laugh with the joy

of our imperfections

From the belly of our imperfections

Abiding with the imperfections

of everyone around us.

To honor ourselves with compassion

as community- beautiful,

vibrant, beloved community

in which to flourish and grow.

And for you, who created

this bevy of heart dwellers,

we celebrate with fullness

and gratitude for all of yourself

you have invested in us.

Thank you.


About Imagine Yoga Studio, where we met!

Santiago Beltran Laborde, Portland Oregon. June 2023

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