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About Purisima

Mexico Viniyoga Retreat

Purisima de Chamacuero is a family project and the result of 40 years of consistent work. Purchased in 1975 for its agriculture fields, it is now a welcoming oasis, with restaurant "Los Mezquites" open to the public on weekends and holidays, on-premises lodging and recreational options, and "Kiosco Verde" which has become a dream venue for events, including weddings, conventions and yoga retreats.


Our Venue

"Before we came to Purisima, I was told we would never want to leave. This turned out to be absolutely true."   - Chris Gluck



"I cannot thank Susana and Ron enough for planning a retreat that was such an amazing experience." 

 - Laura Ramirez  

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Photo Gallery

You can get the feel of our retreats taking a look at our Photo Galleries!

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Choose between the comfortable Suites and the traditional  family house Casa de Adobe


More Info & Pricing

Airfare, Groung Transportation, Lodging, Meals at Purisima & More!

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Arriving to "El Bajio" Airport, we visit Purisima de Chamacuero, San Miguel de Allende & Guanaguato City

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