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Moving to the Bay Area!

Dear ones,

There is no moment in life where things are not changing, maybe there is sometimes the illusion that things are steady and predictable, secure, but things are evolving, cooking, maturing, growing, dying, getting transformed continuously.

And yet, there are those moments when change is apparent and undeniable, sometimes it comes with death, loss of a loved one, a diagnosis. It always comes, if we spend enough time in this planet, with aging, often illness, and it also happens when we leave a place and move somewhere else.

I will be moving to the Bay Area soon.

Even if it saddens me, I’m also very happy, my husband got a very interesting job offer in San Francisco, and I will continue to grow as a teacher and yoga therapist, offering private Yoga Therapy in Belmont, California, and continue leading the Mexico Viniyoga Retreats in Guanajuato. I’m already thinking of a Half Moon Bay Retreat and am very enthusiastic about seeing how things unfold there.

It will be awesome if you can come and see me for a Workshop, private Yoga Therapy or a Retreat! I’ll be posting all this information on my website , so stay tuned.

My last day teaching at Imagine Yoga Studio will be November 1st, which is the 7th Birthday of the studio. I have been teaching there 7 classes a week for 7 years…wow! Read the letter I wrote to the students, and the lovely letter Kristina Coco-Hackenjos, the studio owner, wrote as well.

I did say goodbye to the students at the March Wellness Center some time ago, without knowing that I would be moving soon, and my last class at Mt Park Racquet Club will be on October 31st. I’m still seeing my private clients for Yoga Therapy, and with each one we are doing our best to find a way to give continuity to their practice.

In all those places I have met remarkable people, each one of you is precious to me, you have taught me so much, you are pretty amazing and it has been an honor to be a witness of your blooming as yoga practitioners.

I am planning to come to Portland from time to time, and hope to be teaching an intensive weekend workshop on the Chakras at Imagine in the spring! I plan to come with extra days each time I come, so that I have time to see private clients as well.

Oregon, Portland, Lake Oswego, every person here has welcomed me and supported me in my journey, and I am and will be forever grateful. I am so fond of so many lovely people, and I sincerely hope that our paths will meet again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Susana

Beautiful gardens of downtown Lake Oswego, OR. Fall 2019

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