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"Make Your Practice a Symphony", by A. G. Mohan

I am a lifelong student of yoga, and recently enrolled in a program called "Deepen Your Yoga Practice", with Chase Bossart and faculty, at the Yoga Well Institute.

They recommended a few books to read (I actually love having homework!), and today I want to share this quotation, from the book "Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind", by A. G. Mohan, who was a student of T. Krishnamacharya. My wish is to point out that what we call an asana practice is much more than just a series of exercises, and how the attention to breath and the awareness while practicing, transforms it into something else.

Here it is:

"Make Your Practice a Symphony

Asana practice should be a harmonious experience, never a struggle. The manner of breathing into a wind instrument - a flute, for instance - can create either a grating screech or a melodious song. The body, too, is an instrument. If used skillfully, as in the unison of movement and breath, the resulting posture is a useful and harmonious experience. When performed with the graceful orchestration of all its parts, asana can become a music for the body, breath and mind. Such music moves everything it touches"

- A.G. Mohan, "Yoga for Body, Breath & Mind, A guide to Personal Reintegration"

Santiago Beltran Laborde

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