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"I Voted", by Shannon Wills

A dear teacher shared this a few days ago on social media. Here it is:

I voted today.

I dropped my heart into the ballot box

And cast my vote for the world I want to see.

I voted for country over party,

And planet over country.

I voted for everyone, and their dog.

I voted for the ancestors,

And the dreams they prayed we would fulfill.

I voted for the children,

Carnivals and innocence and joy.

I voted for the elders,

Soft wisdom, busy hands weaving webs of time.

I voted for the Divine Feminine

To rise again and take her throne.

I voted for the moon.

I voted for owls and crows and croaking toads

And ancient forests teeming with life.

I voted for the Great Spirit 

To guide us toward our rightful place

At the feet of the sacred,

Through the gates of conscience,

That we may find our way back home.

And of course, I voted for love.

Now what to do

But wait for the ballots to be counted?

Meanwhile, rivers roar, bones rattle,

Past and future ages hold their breath.

They are waiting to see

If our hearts will reawaken...

Eyes open and ears pricked forward,

Songs on the tips of their tongues,

Ready to welcome us back to the chorus of life.

I voted today.

I voted for you and me, free.

I voted that we'll make it

Back home together, alive.

Belmont, California. July 2020

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