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"A Thought Went up My Mind Today", by Emily Dickinson

This morning in class we had a conversation around "Spring Azures" by Mary Oliver, the poem I read, which made me think of a quote I love, by William Blake. Interesting how our mind works.

A student had a thought that passed by, which she couldn't recall, and of course that made me think of this great poem by Emily Dickinson (another fun poem about a thought, by the same author is "The Lost Thought"). She has an incredible ability to make me smile while I read this.

Here it is:

A Thought went up my mind today -

That I have had before -

But did not finish - some way back -

I could not fix the Year -

Nor Where it went - nor why it came

The second time to me -

Nor definitely what it was -

Have I the Art to say -

But somewhere - in my soul - I know -

I've met the Thing before -

It just reminded me - 'twas all -

And came my way no more.

Read "Spring Azures", by Mary Oliver

Read excerpt of "Auguries of Innocence", by William Blake

Maryland, April 2024

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