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My old phone was completly losing it. It was behaving in very weird ways, and someone told me that I had to change it. I was very attached to the phone, even if it could not work. Interesting how my mind functions.

The story continues when I get a new phone, and discover that it can do some interesting things.

I began to make short (one minute long) videos, little samples that I will be showing in my website.

Here are two wonderful students, Linda Roffe and Gretchen Schauffler, practicing Viniyoga at Imagine Yoga Studio. Thanks for the fun dear friends.

I added a beautiful music by Portland Cello Project. It is an awesome group and you can know more about them in their website

I hope they're fine with me using their music! Is it an ok thing to do?

Another question: Am I getting attached to my new phone?

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