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The word I have been using to describe my experience on the Mexico Viniyoga Retreat with Susana and Ron at Purisima de Chamacuero is “magical”.   The mornings at Purisima with us sipping our coffee while viewing amazing sunrises over the distant hills and birdwatching were such a peaceful and beautiful start to our days.   The setting was so serene and gorgeous, with trails to explore, quiet areas to relax and comfortable accommodations. Being the only guests on the property made for such a personal and intimate experience where meals, which were fabulous, were tailored to our individual tastes as the week progressed.   


The kiosk where we practiced yoga was spacious with windows looking out in all directions.  It was a perfect place to gather.  And Susana’s offerings were so special – besides our yoga asana, we learned how to enhance our practice with controlled breathing and how to use our breath to calm our minds and meditate.


Mid-week we left Purisima for a day trip that included guided birdwatching and yoga at el Charco del Ingenio, a botanical garden. That was an amazing experience! The people, the birds, the plants, the artwork….all of it.  That was followed by time in San Miguel de Allende which is a vibrant and beautiful city. 


Lastly we spent two nights in Guanajuato in the most unique bed and breakfast I have ever seen – really a “must see” place in its own right.  As for Guanajuato, “wow” seems like the best word.  Visually just amazing – the color, the houses built right in to the hillsides above the city center, the beautiful buildings….so much to see and do!


I cannot thank Susana and Ron enough for planning a retreat that was such an amazing experience.  They put their hearts and souls into the planning, and the result was a week that was so enriching and special – joining them on this retreat was one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time.

- Laura B.Ramirez

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