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"There Is Another View", by Jelaluddin Rumi

I have been listening to talks and meditations that Tara Brach is generously offering through her website, and loved the poem that she reads at the end of "Namaste, Seeing the Truth of Who We Are". I'm planning to read it during my yoga classes this week.

Here it is:

“Are you searching for your true self?

Then come out of your own prison.

Leave the little creek and join the mighty river

that flows into the ocean.

Like an ox, don’t pull the wheel of this world

on your back.

Take off the burden.

Whirl and circle, and rise

above the wheel of the world.

There is another view.”

- Rumi

California Coast, February 2020

Watch this video to listen to the talk:

Go to Tara Brach's website clicking here

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