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"The News", by Emilie Lygren

Looking for a poem for next week's online yoga classes, I stop in my tracks reading this one, finding myself deeply moved. I take "an unguarded breath".

Another powerful poem shared by Toni Goodman (thank you Toni!).

Here it is.

The News

Emilie Lygren

Each morning we listen for what is breaking—

the sound of a thousand tragedies fills the air,

shattering that never stops,

headlines, a fleet of anchors tangled at our feet.

We watch, worried

if we turn away even for an instant,

it will all crumble the rest of the way.

Forget with me for a moment.

Take an unguarded breath.

Do it now, the world needs your attention here, too,

on the rise and fall of your shoulders,

the rustle of leaves outside the window,

the warm space between your gaze and mine.

from What We Were Born For, Blue Light Press, 2021

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leaves susanaprana
Edgewood Park, California. September 2021