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"Simplicity", by Emily Dickinson

This morning we hiked a bit, and arrived to a place overlooking the mountains, where I love to do my personal practice (movement linked to breath, breathing exercises, meditation & chanting). Today after the meditation I looked at a stone, and remembered this beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson, that I know by heart. To recite this poem a few times with a stone in my hand was a lovely and unexpected wrap up for my practice.

This made me reflect on the importance of the things I say to myself in form of words, whether mentally or vocally, over and over; to repeat this poem louder and then softer made me get in touch with a sense of contentment and peace. Thank you Emily Dickinson.

How happy is the little stone

That rambles in the road alone,

And doesn't care about careers,

And exigencies never fears ;

Whose coat of elemental brown

A passing universe put on ;

And independent as the sun,

Associates or glows alone,

Fulfilling absolute decree

In casual simplicity—

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