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Quotations by Jaiya John

There are a lot of quotations by Jaiya John that resonate with me these days, here are a few for you. I'm planning to read a couple of these during my yoga group classes next week.

From "Freedom: Medicine Words for Your Brave Revolution"

"Your boundary need not always be an electric fence that shocks those who touch it. It can be a consistent light around you that announces: I will be treated sacredly"

"Would you like to read an epic Love story?

You. Healing. From all of it. and living free."

From "Fragrance after Rain":

"Life is not beating you up. It is tenderizing you to be eaten alive by your Purpose. Breathe deeply. Here comes your unbelievable dawn."

"She wanted peace. So she forgot all she

was taught and remembered herself."

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Self Portrait. Port Angeles, Washington. 2015

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