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As a newcomer to yoga, the breathing and movements that Susana taught were new to me. At my pre-retreat session, Susana developed my own personalized 15-minute breathing and movement sequence.  About 6 days per week, I have done this sequence for the three months prior to attending the Mexico retreat, and now for about two months following the retreat.


An unexpected benefit, that first appeared after about 6 weeks of practice, well before attending the Mexico retreat, has been more efficient breathing especially during strenuous biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. As a person in my late 50’s, increasing lung capacity probably is not physiologically in the cards, but I have gotten something “back.” I have some minor allergies, and have noticed in the past three and a half months consistently less congestion in sinuses and lungs compared with any time period over the past several years.


The yoga breathing and movement exercises are the only things new – I have not done anything else to try to reduce congestion or otherwise improve breathing. All that said, I am most appreciative of Susana’s instruction, both the content and her thoughtful, careful method of imparting it. And, of course, recommend her highly!

- Mark Rutledge-Gorman

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