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Gateway To The Most Authentic You

Imagine Yoga Studio

425 2nd Street, Ste 120

Lake Oswego, Oregon

June 10th & 11th, 11 am to 2 pm (3 hours each day)


Saturday: physical body (annamaya), breath/prāna (prānamaya) & intellect (manomaya) 

Sunday: personality (vijñānamaya), emotion (ānandamaya) & true self (purușa)

This course is offered over two days and content will be different each day. They can be taken together, or individually.


Cost for 1 day: $65

Cost for both days: $115

“Pañcamaya” is the ancient Vedic model that presents the human system as composed of five fundamental dimensions that are completely interconnected and interrelated.

In this workshop move through āsana, prānāyāma, meditation, chanting & journaling, in order to find access to something deeper and beyond all these dimensions: who you truly are.

Continuing Education: This workshop counts as 3 to 6 contact Continuing Education Hours for teachers certified by Yoga Alliance.

What to Expect?
· You will receive personal attention, modifications and adaptations will be offered to suit your needs.
· There will be a space for exploration, inquiry & creativity.

What to bring?
· Yoga mat and a meditation cushion if you have it
· Water bottle
· A notebook and a pen for journaling

Susana Laborde-Blaj C-IAYT
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Imagine Yoga Studio
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