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Inspiration Everywhere, Songs That Inspire Me

I love it when I listen to inspiring songs, with surprisingly (to me) inspiring lyrics as well. One can find inspiration everywhere.

This first song here is in French and I chose it for my last workshop in Portland at Imagine Yoga Studio.


Sous le soleil

Bleu marine et blue

Ebloui pareil

Jusqu'à en oublier tout

Fermer les yeux ....

C'est le même bleu ...

Dans le coeur ou sous le soleil

My translation:

Under the sun

Blue navy and bleu

Dazzle the same way

Until one forgets it all

Closing one's eyes...

It's the same blue

In the heart or under the sun


And a dear friend introduced me to this one: "Good Morning Gorgeous", with Mary J. Blige.

Thank you Brynna!


It's so hard just holding on

And even picking up my phone

It's hard enough to be (hard enough to sleep)

Hard enough to be alone

I'm just tryna move along (mhm)

Sometimes I do and then I don't

Tell me what I'm doing wrong

Tell myself that it ain't healthy

Second guessin' it don't help me

I'm so tired of feeling empty

Dry my eyes, it's time to fight

It seems like I'm always against me

Seems like this is never ending

And I refuse to let it end me

Mentally (Mhm), spiritually (oh), physically

I need my peace, yes (oh)

I need my peace (oh, oh)